About Hank Garfield

About Hank Garfield

Hank Garfield is originally from Philadelphia but moved with his family to Blue Hill, Maine at the age of ten. His first writing job was as a part-time reporter for the Ellsworth bureau of the Bangor Daily News. In 1983, he moved to Southern California, where he remained until relocating to Belfast in 1999. He has been a Bangor resident since 2006, living within walking distance of downtown.

His writing has appeared in San Diego Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Downeast, Bangor Metro, and many other magazines and newspapers. He is the author of five published novels (as Henry Garfield) and two unpublished ones, and is currently at work on a long novel he characterizes as “a sprawling family saga.” He is a great-great grandson of James A. Garfield, the last U.S. president born in a log cabin.

Hank decided to give up owning cars when he began teaching at the University of Maine and discovered that he could get to work easily by bus and/or bicycle. Hank also teaches in the MFA writing program at Western Connecticut State University. You might spot him at an open mike night in downtown Bangor, channeling his namesake, Hank Williams Sr., or walking home with his guitar afterwards.

His published novels include: Moondog, Room 13, Tartabull’s Throw, and The Lost Voyage of John Cabot.




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  1. I didn’t know you had a blog. The cycling one is the first post I have read and I liked it. It reminded me that I cycled to work for seven years straight, year round, until it all nearly ended on a sheet of ice under some freshly fallen snow. I give all cyclists a wide berth …

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